Hello world.

Hello and how do you do?
My name is RabanusVanBirkenheid but you can just call me Rabanus.
I am an hobby artist.
So this blog is mainly about art of different kinds like architecture, sculpture, illustrations, etc., etc...
These things are inspirational to me.
Therefore this is an inspiration blog but also a blog about my art.
I, too, contribute my stuff to the world.
Well, my illustrations, drawings and sketches are pretty minimalistic and not very much rich in detail.
You know, there is always something to get improved and that fact includes every artists.
Anyway, just ask me if you want to know something.
I'd be happy to chat a bit.
Wish you a nice day! :-)

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"Hope" 6x9”

Everyone needs a little hope sometimes.

Process: Felt pen and watercolor.

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Onion Knight

(Big Black & White version)

This one is inspired by the powerful drawings
of Angie Wang (and the last CR Fashion Book Issue)

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Love this song. It produces a mystical experience, if you do not listen to the words. For me, it is very easy)))

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Intriguing Digital Sculptures by Kyuin Shim

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The Seatbelts,
Cowboy Bebop


Probably my favorite song off of the Cowboy Bebop OST

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if aren’t impressed by this album you’re straight up lying

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A little Dragon Age fanart. I’m quite excited about the new companions. They all seem lovely & charming characters to be with around!

And because of momochanners I also started to call this wonderful grey warden “Ser Bara Warden”. Haha. She has such a wonderful humour, especially with the potential romances displayed in the Dragon Age-series!

I think I’ll romance Cullen though, but Blackwall has a wonderful beard. I wanted to draw that!

I hope you’ll enjoy that little sketch. :-)


Awesome Indies: The Last Door

Episodic horror game, with original low-res visuals and a gorgeous orchestral music score. Surrounded by a thrilling sound atmosphere, player’s will experience a really immersive environment through the stimulation of their imagination, just like classic horror writers like Poe and Lovecraft used to.

This is a free game! Each time they publish a new chapter, the previous one becomes free for everybody. You can support the development of the next chapter with a ‘pay what you want’ donation to unlock the newest chapter. 

Trailer || Website


Norman RockwellGirl Running with Wet Canvas, 1930

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Angel Haze,
Dirty Gold (Deluxe)

your skin sounds like my favorite vinyl

you got broken records trapped inside you

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